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Inspiring, interactive lectures and workshops
for nosy audience

Scent psychologist Claudia de Vos is available as a speaker for symposia, events, webinars, press presentations. With years of experience in the field of scent perception, she can provide a fascinating interpretation with her expertise.

On this page you will find some examples of topics. Customized lectures and workshops are always possible.

Look  HERE who has worked with her before.  


Hieronder vind je voorbeelden van  lezingen:  

mogelijk mét of zonder workshop

of scents

Psychology of Scent

 Interactive lecture explaining why smells have an effect on the psyche and their possible applications in practice. In addition, a number of scents are offered to experience the fragrant effects yourself.

Smells off

Fragrances from Ancient Egypt:

  A mystical society permeated by spirituality. 

"As fragrances are perceived  invisible, it must be divine." The perception of smell therefore played an important role in Egyptian society. This lecture will not only discuss the religious aspect of fragrances in ancient Egypt, but also the practical use of perfume.

perfumes and oriental fragrances

Arabic perfumes and oriental fragrances

During this lecture you will be taken on a journey through the world of  oriental scents. On the basis of various scent samples and images, old perfume traditions and the history of these scents are highlighted. We will also explore three major oriental scents.


Napoleon and Josephine:

During this lecture, in which we delve into the era of Napoleon and Joséphine on the basis of a number of historical objects, you will be taken into a world full of delicious scents. You will learn about love perfumes and aphrodisiac ingredients. If desired, you can then make your own 'Eau de l'Empereur' in the subsequent workshop.

special edition for
blind &
visually impaired


Scents can be a great way to shape the imagination. In this special lecture for the visually impaired, sound clips and tactile materials are used in addition to odor samples to further stimulate the imagination.

from Plant to Perfume

From plant to perfume:

 From raw materials to a finished product. During this lecture with scent experiences you will get acquainted with aromatic botany up to and including

the extraction of odors.

An additional distillation workshop in which you go home with your own made hydrosol or essential oil completes the fragrance experience.

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