Continuous: viewing and smelling art

On request: individual MASTERCLASS for professionals

NEW: smell training after loss of odor due to corona (see agenda)

Exhibition 'Ondertussen hier'


11-18 juli, 2021

Open ma t/m zo 13.00 - 17.00

Loods 6

KNSM-Laan 143,

1019 LB Amsterdam

Group exhibition of members of the Artists Association de Onafhankelijken and their guests in Loods 6 in Amsterdam


In this exhibition is my guest

the recent graduate of the academy

Photographer Rosalie van der Does

and we play with the theme




In this exhibition we experience an interplay between the photo series 'Health'

by Rosalie van der Does and my scent art installation 'Gesundheit!'

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-06 om 17.03.16.


'Wild scents at' Die Brücke '- between nose and works of art'

Museum Kranenburgh

September 26, 2021

zondag 26 september 2021

Meer info volgt

Museum Kranenburgh

Hoflaan 26

Bergen NH



We connect with the outside world through our senses. Most visual artists use seeing to convey their inner world to the viewer. In the expressionism of 'Die Brücke' color and shape are used to convey a feeling; the idyll of the outdoors and the connection with nature in sensual colors and exuberant shapes. What would happen if we replaced seeing with smelling? How would the work of die Brücke look like? Can color and shape be translated into scent?


Fragrance workshop - Sensory lab


In this experimental sensory lab in museum Kranenburgh, scent psychologist and visual artist Claudia de Vos takes you into the world of smelling. We explore the effect of natural scents on the psyche in which memories and the ingredients of natural scents play a major role. You choose one of the works of the Brücke and you go to work in small (corona-proof) groups to make a 'translation' of the work into fragrance


During this sensory lab you can also experience one of Claudia's scent artworks


Doe mee met deze begeleide online reuktraining met geursamples en boek om je reukvermogen weer te verbeteren. In deze training met geurpsycholoog Claudia de Vos leer je weer op je eigen neus te vertrouwen.

Reuktraining na geurverlies door corona


via ZOOM


SAMENHANG Flyer A5 DEF - expo Kunstkapel

Exhibition 'SAMENHANG'

virtual exhibition

to visit


Due to corona exclusively

to be visited virtual

Art Chapel Amsterdam

Pr. Irenestraat 21,

1077 WT Amsterdam



Art connects


It seems as if we are getting further and further apart. The current way in which we have to organize our lives contributes to this feeling. The lack of proximity through touch, isolation and facelessness make the search for connection quite difficult. How do we connect with each other today? Let's see the real, whole person again? Are we doing it by adding structure to the chaos? Can we use other senses to overcome this lack of physical contact? Questions you can ask where the answer can be found in one common denominator: art. Connection arises through cohesion.(Samenhang)

Updates about the virtual exhibition can also be followed

via Facebook

Mosmeisje| Claudia de Vos (2021) small .

Mosmeisje (2021) | Claudia De Vos >

Exhibition by five members of the Artists Association

The Independents


two balanced

young artists

Participating Artists

Annelies van der Stel

Charlotte Burgmans

Claudia De Vos

Edwin Boering

Vera Jongejan

Young talent:

Iris Hartman

Jianni Elsenhout


Tree heritages

(Neuzen in het Pinetum)

Route for the blind and visually impaired 

April 23 - October 31 (annual)

Closed this year due to Corona

Tree heritages (Neuzen in het Pinetum) consists of a special scent, art and tree path located in botanical garden Pinetum Blijdenstein at Hilversum (the Netherlands). Pinetum Blijdenstein has one of the world's most complete collections of Gymnosperms - and is part of the Dutch National Plant Collection. The path I designed in 2014 for the Pinetum is a path that leads past a selection of trees. At five of these trees are chests placed with scented artifacts and audio, referring to the trees, bringing their stories to life.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 to 16:30


Pinetum Blijdenstein
Van der Lindenlaan 125


More info


Hiking nature experience with smell and feel

.We go out with a select group

Contribution: 35, - per person

Dress warm and waterproof, bring your own cup; we provide tea.

When it drizzles we go anyway, during downpours we move the experience of nature

Can be rebooked on request


location: forest in Hilversum

Together with nature experience expert Agnes Meijs and scent psychologist Claudia de Vos, you will experience the forest with all your senses.

Agnes knows better than anyone how to perceive the forest in an 'earthly' way through forest baths, among other things. She has years of experience as a nature coach where she uses nature as a mirror to discover yourself.

Claudia lets you become aware of the scents that nature produces with your nose. She lets you experience a spectrum of forest scents; the scent of the tree itself, its essential oil and the related stories. With a relaxing scent meditation in the forest for dessert. An afternoon of 'getting away from it all.'

And those who are captivated by the fragrance experience and cannot get enough of it, can purchase the new book by Claudia 'Fragrance Psychology for Everyone' afterwards!

Happy Spirit Days

Festival 11-12-13 June 2021>

rescheduled to 2022


Programma, informatie: en tickets 

Happy spirit days

Binnenweg 7, 

1261 EK Blaricum.


Happy Spirit Days is a festival for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of yoga, philosophy, consciousness, mindfulness, meditation and more.

Small-scaled, for curious and inquisitive visitors. About nature, connection, sustainability and a sunny view on how to make the world more beautiful.


I will lecture there on Friday June 12th on scent psychology

and my olfactory art will be there to see and smell during the festival!


VIRTUAL Conference for 

clinical aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics 

Botanica 2020 is the fifth edition of an international and independent conference series that showcases excellence in clinical aromatherapy and related herbal therapeutics. It brings together researchers, aromatherapists, herbal medicine practitioners, allied health professionals, aromatic and medicinal plant growers, distillers and suppliers from around the world for three full days of education, trade show, networking and rich collaborations

ONLINE exhibition is still on


can be visited virtually


As the live conference made a transition to being a VIRTUAL Conference. You will be able to visit a special created virtual olfactory ART Tour.Scents to go with the artworks are kindly provided via BOTANICA 2020

Information and booking:

Botanica 2020



Symposium Spatial Well-Being

KunstLOC Brabant | LOC hal | Tilburg

Inspiration day with practical examples

Architects, designers, artists and musicians can contribute a lot to a pleasant care environment or 'a healing environment'. In this setting I lectured  on scent psychology and olfactory  Art.


Expo experience room

Ministry of Finance

Contemplation Zone

In this exhibition at the Ministry of Finance, the four-panel Cedar Tree Heritages

(3d wall objects with scent) where presented.

The project is a collaboration with curator Justine Kontou who had set up a special 'Contemplation Zone' for this purpose.

 dec 2019- januari 2020

Ministerie van Financiën | Den Haag


 Foto :Nick Bookelaar