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After getting my master degree at the University of the Arts in '89 (HKU) I was mainly concerned with visual art and its commercial applications in the media. Through the years she has developed an interest in the senses and – more specific – the olfactory sense: scents, odors, aromas. The sense of smell, natural smells and scent perception have my greatest fascination. It has become the heart of the olfactory art I make. Installations and objects with scent in which the psychological effect and symbolism of scent always occupies a prominent place.

My story...

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In order to establish a firmer knowledge base concerning the functioning and effects of scents she followed a professional study on naturopathic aromatherapy and the psychology and psychoanalytic ideas of C.G. Jung.

I share this knowledge through lectures, workshops, publications, radio shows, performances (photo) and my olfactory art.

My latest book, on scent psychology (Dutch language), is to be expected this autumn, by publisher Akasha. MY art can be experienced in various settings and exhibitions. See AGENDA

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Claudia De Vos '64 | Hilversum | NL 

Master of Arts (MAP-D) | HKU  University of the ARTS Utrecht  ‘89

Naturopathic Aromatherapy | SBA Cum laude ’06

Jungian psychology | Odrerir  ’07

Member of ART society  'De Onafhankelijken'   Amsterdam

Destillatie klasje | Claudia De Vos

The scents I use have an advantage. They are essential oils from recognized distillers and my own distillation. They are all natural; organic and unprocessed.

Leuk dat je even hebt rondgeneusd!

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My story...

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IBEE keeper (to bee and not to bee)

Because nature matters.

And besides that, did you know bees have an amazing scent vocabulary?

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