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 Olfactory ART

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olfactory art?

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Natural scents have a healing power and evoke images and memories that I express in my art objects and installations. These scents, coming from flowers, plants and trees, can also actually be smelled in the works of art themselves. My work includes panels, tapestries, objects and installations.  Each work has a unique, natural scent and its own scent system.  View my portfolio,  read below more about my olfactory art.

Informatie geurkunst

With my art I investigate the psychological effects of scents. Fragrance in a historical or cultural context, as an individual or universal experience. The impression of this is leading to the choice of the material for my art. Was this for earlier work ceramics and mixed media, now softer materials and photography have my focus. In the English mini-documentary I made for the American magazine IJPHA I tell more about my olfactory art.

Create a place to relax or meet with my olfactory art.  (This is how it works) . 

Olfactory art can also be placed on location.

You will find more information on the project page.

Would you like to buy olfactory art?

You are most welcome in my studio.

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