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Geurpsychologie voor iedereen | Claudia

To see & Smell

The book  ‘Geurpsychologie voor iedereen, een aromatisch kompas in wereld van essentiële oliën*’ (NL) is available in october 2020. (publisher Akasha) only in the DUTCH language

*International publishers attention!

If you Interested in publishing an ENGLISH (or other international)  version of ‘*Scent psychology for all; an aromatic compass in the world of essential oils’, please contact me

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voor iedereen 
[Scent psychology for all]

Een aromatisch kompas in de wereld van essentiële oliën

[An aromatic compass in the world of essential oils]

In this book, scent psychologist Claudia de Vos takes you into a world that is invisible to the eye but all the more important for our sense of well-being. With stories, explanations, backgrounds, scent art and a scent compass, the invisible becomes visible, or smelling. This hands you the key to improving the happiness of yourself or others.

Scents are healing, imaginative, narrative, connecting and stimulating in nature. They encourage us to remember, think and talk and have a major influence on our well-being in our daily life. Scents can make a room that feels chilly cozy. They provide atmosphere and can evoke a feeling of safety and tranquility. Still other scents encourage action. Scents can also cause us to avoid places and people. And favorite fragrances are often scents we experience as intoxicating and attractive and take us to love and happiness.


What would it be like if we apply this knowledge into our daily life? With natural scents from plants and flowers - essential oils - we can create a personal, aromatic palette to support our mental and physical well-being, color our life and make it more enjoyable.



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Claudia de Vos is a scent psychologist and artist.

She was educated at the Utrecht School of the Arts and graduated cum laude from a professional training in natural medicine aromatherapy. She also studied Jungian psychology. Claudia describes herself as an 'olfactory ambassador': with her articles, interviews, exhibitions, training sessions and lectures she represents the world of natural fragrances.


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