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Sceny Pychology

How it works

Tropical Leaves



• improves curiosity, communication and conversation

• supports during meditation and relaxation 

• makes education easier and is an enrichment of an experience

• can be an extra stimulus for the blind and visually impaired

• creates historical and nature awareness 

• is a connection between the factual, psychological and spiritual

• connects with your gut feeling

When smelling scents immediate access to our memories is provided. Scents can retrieve an experience or knowledge we apparently have forgotten. Smelling fragrances also can initiate a conversation, enrich an experience and create a pleasant atmosphere. We find the explanation for this in the field of scent psychology.

My special interest is the psychological effects of scents on people. During the lectures and trainings I give on this subject, you acquire knowledge and learn how to use the specific properties of natural scents. If you want to know which scents are suitable for you or your company, tailor-made scent advice is also possible.

The objects and installations I make incorporate natural scents and are therefore fragrant. They are very suitable to be placed in spaces where communication is desired, as a sensory element in presentations or as a meditative object in relaxation or yoga spaces.

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