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Scent Psychology

Tropical Leaves

Scents are healing, imaginative, narrative, connecting and stimulating in nature.

They encourage us to remember, think and talk and have a major influence on our well-being in our daily lives. Scents can make a room that feels cold feel cozy. They provide atmosphere and can evoke a feeling of security and tranquility.


Still other scents encourage action. Smells can also cause us to avoid places and people. And favorite scents are often scents that we experience as intoxicating and attractive and transport us to love and zest for life.

Scent psychology for everyone >

Smell, experience, remember

Sensing a scent provides immediate access to our memories and can retrieve experience or knowledge that we have seemingly forgotten. A scent experience can also invite conversation, enrich an experience and create a pleasant atmosphere. We find the explanation for this within the field of scent psychology.

My expertise is working with natural scents and knowledge of the psychological effect of these scents on humans. During the lectures and training sessions I give on this subject, you will learn how to use the specific properties of natural scents.

I also wrote a book about this (NL):

'Scent psychology for everyone'.

On the PUBLICATIONS page you will find various articles, links to audio and videos about scent psychology.

I provide olfactory advice to companies and institutions, and I also develop corporate scents. If you want to know which scents match your question or that of your company, I will make a tailor-made olfactory concept.

The objects and installations I make also contain natural scents and are therefore odoriferous. They are particularly suitable for placement in locations where people meet up, as scent makes people talk. They also make a wonderful addition as  a sensory element in presentations or as an object in relaxation, yoga rooms or at home.

Please look at the information video about my olfactory art >

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