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It couldn't be smoother. Just finished, this wonderful book. I will take it up repeatedly. There is so much information that is worth rereading. In addition, the cheerful, positive writing style is stimulating and makes you want to follow your nose.  Also a look behind the scenes of "scent art" with beautiful photos of the author's visual work. A double recommendation. " (Source


"A readable and complete book about scent psychology. A nice, readable book with a lot of interesting information about scents. If you want to know more about scents and the effects of all kinds of scents on your mood, then this book is a relief in addition to all the complicated texts about this. Interesting theories are clearly explained, fifty scents / ingredients are substantively explained and interesting information is shared about the application of scent art. As well as practical tips. " (Source:


"Essential oils and our psychological well-being. A very complete book about essential oils and their usefulness in daily life. How to use oils to make your day (or your life) a bit lighter, more pleasant or more profound? Variety of (easy to find) information about the oils and their effect on the psyche, but also pleasantly written background information. I looked through the book in one evening but will certainly use it more often to use pieces from it again. the very special thing you can do with scents. "



"Claudia de Vos - scent psychologist and visual artist - wrote a surprisingly versatile book. From unexpected angles aromatherapy takes on new dimensions and deeper layers. While reading you will be taken on an exciting journey where you will experience beautiful and probably new experiences. Also in a practical sense her book gives an absolutely new view on the already great wealth of essential oils. In short, a RECOMMENDED !!! "Jan Verstappen (Source:


"A world of scent opens up. Never knew there was so much to tell about scents and the psychology behind them. Pleasantly surprised with this complete fragrance book. Very fluent and accessible written, scientific facts are interspersed with fun facts. Interesting for both the professional. as the hobbyist. The book makes you alert to smell (perception) and invites you to get started. In addition, a nice reference work. " (Source:


"A great book A great book, nice to read this it in Dutch . Clear and flowery language. A must for everyone. " (Source:


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