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Geur en rituelen
Fluisterklokjes; ritueel met geur | Clau
Scent during rituals

A parting ritual with scent has recently been made available at the funeral location 'Afscheid  in de schaapskooi'. On request It is also possible to place my olfactory art.  


Have a look at the website of "Afscheid in de schaapskooi' for all information and options.

Pinetum proefloop 11.JPG
Scent, art and tree pathway
for the blind

Pinetum Blijdenstein in Hilversum was one of the first botanical garden in the Netherlands to set up a pathway for the blind and partially sighted. Since I have created  this in 2014, it is in use.

The pathway presents an extra dimension of experiencing the garden.

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The route provides a sense of smell and touch and tells the stories of the special trees in the garden, such as the cedar, the hinoki cypress and the tree of life. It consists of a number of art objects incorporated with the original, natural scent of the tree. It is a  multi-sensory story about the history, use and symbolism of the tree,  with smell, touch, audio and image. With all these aspects, the tree route is a unique experience for both blind and sighted people.

Video report Blind route >

Site of the PINETUM >

Pelgrimsdieren GVdag.jpeg
Olfactory art and 
exploring meaning of life

Imaginative pilgrimage for chaplains

(Collaboration with Prof. H. Alma)

Using the imagination cycle discussed in Prof. Alma's lecture, the participants undertake a collective pilgrimage around the question 'what do I hope for in my work as a chaplain/ mental health worker?'

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With the help of the senses you explore where you are now in the profession, and where you would like to go. The pilgrimage takes place in a space where there is much to see, feel and smell: art project Pelgrimsdieren.

The project consists of eight ceramic sculptures of animals, fables about these animals, natural scents, eight descriptions of their effects on the psyche (together these form the pilgrim's perfume) and a tableau. As if it were a travel guide, the art project can be used through the various sensory facets to gain personal insights in complex life phases. Was on display at Symposium Food for the Soul "VGVZ Vereniging Spiritual Caregivers, Ede | Exhibition Raw Materials, Groeneveld Baarn Castle | Rehabilitation Center | Overbosch, Hilversum | Huize Het Oosten, Bilthoven  The project can be requested at your organization are posted.

Inquire about the possibilities. (Contact)

Overview of the images:pilgrim animals 

VIDEO of the project>

Scent lab marriott.jpg

The SCENT Lab is a 'fragrance workshop' where participants of your event can join during the evening and become acquainted with the world of fragrance. There are interactive scent riddles, challenges and scent experiences for every mood and desired level with the necessary  'education' .

We work on the basis of natural scents.

The Scent lab could be experienced during Senses of Travel for Marriott in Amsterdam and Brussels

Quotation request >

HOVO dag (raw materials) .jpeg
Olfactory art
with course day

Art as a guideline to 'see' differently, exercises in imagination.

"The Art of the Possible" 

Olfactory art exhibition  and course day in collaboration with Prof. Hans Alma .

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These course days were organized in collaboration with HOVO (Higher education for the elderly). 

Such course days - fragrance and art - can be organized by me on request.

Quotation request >

Natuurhistorisch Museum
Fragrance and olfactory art
in the museum

A special olfactory route that enters into a dialogue with a  permanent collection or exhibition, olfactory art pieces or a guided tour with scent through the exhibition: scent in context.  


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Inquire about the possibilities for a special olfactory art route through your collection, or a guided tour with scent through your museum or exhibition. The photo shows visitors during a specially made scented art route in the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

These museums preceded you>

Olfactory art
in your company

Olfactory art is particularly suitable to be placed on your business location. They can form a meeting place in the heart of a company or a center, creating spaces for exchange of ideas or gain inspiration.  

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Arguments in favor of choosing to use olfactory art is the simplicity of its placement. Another advantage of scent art can be found in the possibility to simply exchange the art object for a new object or installation after a certain period of time. After which the cycle of curiosity, communication and interaction and the beneficial effect of the chosen scent can be experienced again. The art of smell can be related to themes that raise questions at that moment, to products or collection pieces by imagining the underlying history, they can evoke a certain 'state of mind', etc. 

Up here (photo Nick Bookelaar) you can see the series of Cedar tree heritages in the Ministry of Finance in The Hague, here integrated in a temporary  'Contemplation zone'.

Look in my portfolio SCENT ART for the works 

Odorama_ Claudia De Vos _ Kyphi.jpg
Smell as an
Olfactory event

A lecture with performance (with audience participation.

  'Kyphi' is one of mythical temple fragrances from ancient Egypt.

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Using narrative storytelling and a touch of humor re-enacted a number of ancient temple scent rituals.

This performance was shown at Mediamatic Amsterdam during "Odorama".

Impression video >

Geurroute voor blinden
Geur en levensvragen
Geurkunst cursusdag
Scent lab
Geurkunst in uw bedrijf
olfactory event
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