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Immerse yourself in the possibilities of working

with natural scents

Scents have a major influence on our daily actions. Watch during this personal masterclass  which applications of scent suit you with an explanation of the Jungthesis. You will learn how to use natural scents– essential oils–  compose an aromatic palette for use in your own practice as a therapist or coach. Basic knowledge of naturopathic medicine is recommended for this personal master class.   

This online personal  masterclass includes the book ' Geurpsychologie voor iedereen' (! Dutch) 

Geurpsychologie voor iedereen | Claudia

Personal master class 

With the book included, we examine your questions.

Costs: 105 euros, including the book, 60 minutes session.

(Single: Book 24.50  | 

Personal consultation 60 minutes 85,-)

TOP 10 Fragrances for mind and spirit

1   Lavender

2   Rosemary (CT  Borneon)

3   Bergamot (peel, FCV)

4   Peppermint

5   Ravensara

6   Eucalyptus (Globulus)

7   Pine (Grove)

8   Orange (sweet)

9   Rose Geranium (Bourbon)

10  Ylang ylang  (grade II)

Scent training for therapists and coaches

Are you looking for.. 

  • an innovative way to start a conversation with your clients

  • another way to gain insight into unconscious motivations

  • how to choose the right fragrance for your clients

If yes: this personal

master class

will be definitely

something for you!

Discover working with scents in your practice

  • the relationship between odor perception and  the unconscious impact of this on acting

  • discover working with scent from the jung thesis 

  • explore the aromatic compass: find the right scent for the request for help

About the scents

There are many brands of essential oils on the market. Personally, I always first check whether I like the scent, whether it is of organic origin and whether the price is in proportion. That requires quite some insight and knowledge if you are just starting your scent discovery journey. That is why, to make it easier for you, I have put together a sample set of these fragrances top 10.  

If you are interested in the set, you can request it by sending me an email.  

You have the best experience if you put a few drops of the scent samples on  blotters - scent strips - apply just before you want to use them. 

Geur top 10
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