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Have you lost your sense of smell after having corona?


Join this special online smell training with scent samples and book to improve your sense of smell again. In this training with scent psychologist Claudia de Vos you learn to trust your own nose again.

Smell training:

In about 60 minutes you will be shown how we can improve your sense of smell step by step. Together, we will do 'nasal gymnastics' and smelling exercises. We will work on your associative ability and the retrieval of scent memories. At the end of the session you will know how to get started at home to optimize your sense of smell.

After receiving the book 'Geurpsychologie voor iedereen' (Dutch only) and the samples you can start right away!


In the book you can not only read about how scent perception and scent associations come about, it also describes 55 natural scents in detail. By reading you already make a start with a piece of 'fragrance awareness'.

You can wait to smell the samples until the training where we will learn to smell together again, or you can start 'sniffing ahead'.


Register for this 60-minute training, including the book 'Geurpsychologie voor iedereen' (NL) and a sample set of 4 natural essential oils with scent strips and pipettes.

Totaalbedrag van dit trainingspakket:

95,- euro (incl. btw)


Samples per 4 pieces, 1 ml: 10 euros

+ shipping costs 4.50 euros (samples only)

Book: 24.50 euros

+ shipping costs 8.15 euros (book and samples)

Individual olfactory training * 85, - euro

p. 60 min.

* rate for individuals

De revalidatie van je reukvermogen vraagt tijd en aandacht. Hoewel de oefeningen niet ingewikkeld zijn kan het revalidatieproces voor sommigen soms meerdere maanden in beslag nemen waarna pas verbetering  te merken is. Volhouden is dan een must. Door dit traject onder begeleiding op te starten is de kans groter dat je gemotiveerd bent om het regelmatig ruiken vol te houden. Na  een maand is het mogelijk deel te nemen aan een 'hou-vol' sessie*.

*alleen in combinatie met de reuktraining, los tarief.

There is limited space per session to guarantee all participants attention.

Sessions take place per zoom.

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